Sunday, February 16, 2014

The Natural Effect

A friend of mine posted a video on Facebook which really brings home my schizophrenic tendencies whereby I LOVE my career of marketing and the way in which marketing can make just about anyone believe anything if executed correctly, it is a major passion of mine! But on the other hand the ethical dilemma of how an unscrupulous marketeer can con an unsuspecting consumer into believing things that are just plain rubbish, does nag at me. I come from a highly regulated industry but the regulations within the food industry seem to be very loose, to say the least.

Labelling is often in the spotlight and although it is better than it has been in previous years, it infuriates me as a mom with a "special dietary needs" child that I have to scrutinise ingredient lists, to the point of having to be a dietitian, when I know that the manufacturers are hiding the common names of "bad" additives or genetic modifications or anti-biotics or hormones to con me into buying their "healthy" products.

This video is a humorous look at what "natural" really means on packaging.

Thanks to my friend KS for sharing this. *hug*

Click here to see The Natural Effect video