Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Relieve Allergies & Congestion With Your Fingers - Wow!

Skimming through my Facebook news feed this morning, I almost skipped over a video for allergy and sinus relief because I don't really have allergies and my sinuses are feeling just peachy. I thought it must be the drainage with salt water thing that I saw on Oprah many moons ago, when I rushed out to get a nettie pot, but something made me click on it and thank goodness I did! This could be life-changing especially to parents that's why I thought it deserved its very own blog post. If I see something awesome I just HAVE to share!

This video shows chiropractor Dr Mark Lynch explaining that your sinuses drain right down to your clavicle bone (those boat type bones at the top of your chest) and how even slightly blocked sinuses can cause headaches at the back of your head due to insufficient drainage. This hit home to me as many times in the past I have felt that my face was puffy with sinus inflammation, especially when I get a cold. The gunk (my scientific medical term) sits in my face! Under my eyes, on top of my eyebrows and my neck always feels swollen and then most times it becomes infected and I'm onto the dreaded antibiotics again. I remember one year I was on them 8 times, so I've had enough of them and do anything that I can to avoid them like the plague for me and my family.

In this one simple video, this Dr has explained and shows how to drain your sinuses using your fingers! That's right, not even pouring salt water into your nose! I'm not dissing salt water flush outs but if anyone has ever tried doing this to a small child, you will know that more water ends up on the floor than in their nose and if you do manage to get it into them they swallow half of it and think you're trying to drown them so eventually you give up. Even the nasal sprays are like competing in Fear Factor for my kids. So according to Dr Lynch you can use your fingers to prevent the head cold and sore throat from progressing if you use these tips when you can feel it coming on. Furthermore you can increase your immune system when you're going into a crowded, germified (again my personal medical terminology) environment like a concert, aeroplane or Home Affairs! It just makes sense doesn't it?

To quote Dr Lynch:
"It promotes good health and it's free! Even just doing the tapping at the bottom of the neck and rubbing downward on the side of the neck muscles is a major part. So fast and easy. I do it at red lights. Yes you can do it with both hands, but not when driving! It's perfect for moms with young children. And on that note perfect for older people who don't get enough exercise to move the lymphatic fluid in their body. The other parts are more finesse pieces and more specific for sinus / eye pressure. This helps detox the body naturally and simply along with helping your immune system function at a higher level." 
Well that all sounds good to me! Thankfully our family has come through the winter with only a runny nose here and there (although I'm touching wood because winter isn't over yet), but I'm keeping this video close and I intend to teach my children how to do at least the neck drainage techniques and I think we'll practise them in the car! I'm going to make up a game with a song to make it more fun.

Dr Lynch apologised for the poor quality video as it is his first attempt at a video. I hope there are many more to come Dr Lynch!

Dr. Mark demonstrating sinus drainage for allergy relief. Also a technique to help not have a sore throat or to hurry it up and get rid of it. This does increase your immune system function overall too.
Posted by Mark Lynch on Wednesday, May 13, 2015

I hope this helps you and your family stay healthy.

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