Saturday, January 11, 2014


Today I was so proud of Tomato. She made her "famous Tomato cups" (self-named sweet treats made with a Tennis biscuit, honey, ice-cream cone cups and a chocolate egg) and went door-to-door in our complex flogging them so that she could make money to buy a teddy at our local hangout. Tomato has always been a shy child and her skin condition has exacerbated the problem, so I was thrilled that she went out and did this all on her own.

When she returned a storm was brewing so I suggested that we go get the teddy tomorrow - this suggestion was met with wild screaming (ah the joys of parenthood *sigh*). Once I had calmed her down she explained that she had promised the teddy that she would come TODAY to get him and she couldn't break a pinky-swear promise with a teddy! Hmmm that put me into a bit of a quandary. Were  we being played or not? Hubby and I decided, not. This decision could have been swayed by the awesome coffee at said hangout which we would get to enjoy even if it was raining, but we finally went with the reasoning that we are just being awesome, kind, understanding and loving parents.

We got to the place and purchased the bear (which was anxiously waiting for us), thank goodness we were able to "do right" by her teddy pinky promise. We ordered a BIG coffee and Bacon, Lettuce and Tomato went out to play in the rain-washed playground and all was right in the world............ until they returned having had a BALL!!

We had to laugh! We want our kids to "go play outside" we want them to get away from the TV and computer screens, we want them to do more running around, playing and "earthing". Be careful what you ask for!! Fortunately Lettuce was only wet as his idea of "earthing" was steering clear of the mud and simply jumping in every puddle he could find!

Note to self: next time, specify for them not to do this while wearing their new used to be white fairy dresses!! Lol